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Governance structure

Switzerland has a federal governance structure with three levels of government: Confederation (national), cantons (states), and communes (local). The country's legal system is civil law based. Cantons are the predominant deliverers of infrastructure, with the Confederation providing financial assistance.



Expansion Step 2035 (ES 35)

The 2035 Rail Expansion Step (ES 35) aims to resolve foreseeable congestion on the rail network. Parliament has approved an overall package of CHF12.89 billion.


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National Infrastructure Banks

In tandem with the development of forward pipelines, the National Infrastructure Banks and Similar Financing Facilities tool serves as guidance to governments looking to establish or reform National Infrastructure Banks. These institutions can maximise the quantity and quality of infrastructure projects and crowd in private investment, providing value for end users. National Infrastructure Banks provide the financing, expertise, and long-term planning for both public and private stakeholders to develop infrastructure in line with the needs of the community.