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Country overview

Saudi Arabia has been implementing significant economic reforms as a part of its Vision 2030, including reforms to the ease of doing business, getting construction permits, access to credit, resolving insolvency, and improvement across its procurement and permit processes. These reforms are encouraging the entry of new businesses, adding transparency to procurement processes, and increasing competition. While government debt levels have increased, Saudi Arabia remains in a comfortable position to fund future infrastructure projects and continue its reforms. Most recently, newly implemented insolvency and procurement laws have been implemented.

Governance structure

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operates under a Sharia Islamic law system. While the Kingdom has several layers of government, with regards to infrastructure provision, the overarching monarchy is the major level of government.


Top Performing Metrics

Top Performing Metrics

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Financial markets:
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Investor Portal

This list of initiatives and opportunities in the Kingdom for local and international investors is operated by the National Centre for Privitisation and PPP.


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Privatisation and PPPs

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National Infrastructure Banks

In tandem with the development of forward pipelines, the National Infrastructure Banks and Similar Financing Facilities tool serves as guidance to governments looking to establish or reform National Infrastructure Banks. These institutions can maximise the quantity and quality of infrastructure projects and crowd in private investment, providing value for end users. National Infrastructure Banks provide the financing, expertise, and long-term planning for both public and private stakeholders to develop infrastructure in line with the needs of the community.