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Country overview

The Netherlands has strong infrastructure procurement processes, regulatory frameworks, and infrastructure governance systems, which help encourage infrastructure investment and competition among suppliers. Additionally, with a strong credit rating and high GDP per capita, the Netherlands has a strong infrastructure funding capacity.

Governance structure

The Netherlands has three levels of government: central (national), provincial, and municipality, operating under a civil law legal system. Municipalities and provincial governments are responsible for infrastructure within their jurisdictions, with the central in charge of waterways and major roads. The central government is also responsible for planning and prioritisation, playing a coordinating role between levels of government.


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Top Performing Metrics

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MIRT Overview 2022

This overview of national infrastructure and proposed projects is managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.


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National Infrastructure Banks

In tandem with the development of forward pipelines, the National Infrastructure Banks and Similar Financing Facilities tool serves as guidance to governments looking to establish or reform National Infrastructure Banks. These institutions can maximise the quantity and quality of infrastructure projects and crowd in private investment, providing value for end users. National Infrastructure Banks provide the financing, expertise, and long-term planning for both public and private stakeholders to develop infrastructure in line with the needs of the community.