Global Infrastructure Project Pipeline


Global Infrastructure Project Pipeline is a free digital platform that allows governments to promote public infrastructure projects to a global investor network.

The project pipeline captures early stage information enabling investors to properly assess opportunities and engage in a global infrastructure market.

A unique aspect of project pipeline is that the data is sourced directly from government, and provides global visibility and awareness of countries infrastructure plans.

Project pipeline assists in the coordination and timing of new domestic and multijurisdictional infrastructure projects. It provides clear and consistent information on current and potential infrastructure projects for investors.

Relevant user information

Working with both the public and private sectors, the GI Hub has created a global pipeline of projects designed around a set of eight standardised project stages through the project lifecycle and underlying information.

As infrastructure projects move through the defined project stages, from inception to feasibility, procurement and then contractual completion, the relevant government body responsible for the project will input information and data into the Pipeline in prescribed data fields to ensure the market is kept informed and up to date.

Become a project contributor

You must register an account and submit a request to become a contributor to projects.

Once approved, you will receive an email indicating the project that you have been approved to edit and contribute to.

To register a free account click here.

To become a contributor for an entire jurisdiction, please first register and then contact us with your request.

Personalising Project Portfolio

The Project Pipeline allows users to personalise the tool to only show the projects that have been chosen to follow.

These preferences will also feed through to the dashboard on the homepage of the site, giving quick and easy access to projects.


The dashboard displays infrastructure projects globally in different stages and the most recently updated and followed projects.

Search Functions

A search function can be accessed through the Search Projects tab of the page. The Search Projects page allows users to search for projects via a number of parameters including region, country, project name, sector, project stage, value and private sector role.

Export Data

Project data can be exported from the Search Projects tab to .csv file, which is easily opened in Excel or Word.

Terms and Conditions

The Global Infrastructure project pipeline terms and conditions can be found here

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